Blog: Fall at the Zoo

Fall Trees

I have to admit something. I love fall and winter. I love the cooler air in fall, and I love (love love love) the colours. I love the first snowfall in winter, and I love playing outside in the snow with my son. Even though I love it, I’ll be the first to admit that winter goes on much longer than it should.

Don’t get me wrong. I love summer as well, but I’m usually okay when it ends.I will miss going outside at any time with no extra layers though.

We still have a few days of official summer left, but the trees say otherwise. In my eyes, this is the perfect time for a zoo visit. 

Now that school is back on, I feel like I have the whole zoo to myself when I visit. My son is now in preschool two mornings a week, which means we can plan visits to the zoo on the other days. We like to go in the morning. It’s been so warm these days. Morning is nice because it isn’t quite so hot then.. 

I’m actually planning a visit tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to everything autumn themed on our walk. I love the warmth, but I’m looking forward to the brisk air on my face. I cannot wait to see the orange in the trees. I am sure my son will be collecting leaves as he walks. 

Most of all, I can’t wait to see all the animals out enjoying the weather. My son finds a new favourite animal every time we stop by.

Anthony, my three year old, recently said to me, “I want the sun to go away. I’m ready for snow.” He gets that from me. The best thing about this is that he will be ready for winter zoo visits as well. I hope winter is kind to us, and gives us some nice days to enjoy walking around the zoo as well as the animals. The animals seem to be out and about a lot as the weather changes, and we can’t wait to see what they get up to in these last few months of 2019. 

We try to go during the week, but it’s the perfect family outing on the weekends as well. A fun park, amazing animals, and a walk for the kiddos. All perfect activities any day. 

As always, donations continue to make the zoo a wonderful place. Donations help in many ways. They help build the bears a new home, and build the butterflies a house. Every little bit helps to promote education, conservation, and research. You can also sponsor the amazing Dingo exhibit. 

It’s YOUR zoo!

Thanks for reading.

Erin McCrea – The Writing Momma

Saskatoon Zoo Foundation Blogger