King Greg Awards Show for Charity Chooses Saskatoon Zoo Foundation as Benefactor!

Greg Kr

Six years ago on January 1st Greg Krienke made a Facebook post giving out ‘Fake Awards’ to his friends. Everything from recognizing accomplishments, to calling friends out for stupid things they did throughout the year, making annoying Facebook posts, there really was no barrier. It went over well as a nice little joke so Greg decided to do it again the next year. After the second year the conversation began about actually turning it into an event!

The following year he had a ‘ceremony’ in the basement of a bar where Greg handed out awards he purchased from a thrift shop. It was a very fun night and really opened the door to what has now become a fairly large annual fundraiser. For the past 3 years Greg has rented a hall, got red carpets, everyone dresses up and they have a full blown Awards Ceremony/Dance with proceeds going to charity.

This year they had a record setting year, making $2,260 for the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation. Thanks to this event they have raised close to $6,000 the last 3 years! Greg elected to go with the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation this year as he is a big believer in our mission and was happy to have the opportunity to help us out! The Awards show is one of two events he currently hosts annually; the other one is a Soup Cook-off, which although has not functioned as a fundraiser is a ton of fun!

The Saskatoon Zoo Foundation is very thankful that Greg choose us as his charity this year.

Thank you Greg!