Erin March
I am absolutely thrilled to be writing my first post for the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation. My name is Erin McCrea, and I’m a local writer and momma in Saskatoon. Before deciding to stay at home with my son, I was a Creative Writer at a media group in the city. Now that I am a full time mother, I also try to do as much writing as I can, for as many different outlets as I can. I am currently working on a novel (or two), I have a website for my writing (, I blog for Mommy Connections, and write pieces for an online magazine called The Sask Press. I write as much as my toddler allows me. (Usually after he’s sleeping).

I also do as many things with my son as I can. We love everything local, and we love getting out of the house and exploring the city and province. He’s not quite three, but he loves having adventures and trying new things. We’re also relieved that the weather is finally nice enough to go outside.

When the opportunity came up to be the blogger for the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation, my answer was an immediate yes. The opportunity is more unique than any writing I’ve done. Not only do I get to write about an incredible foundation, fantastic events, and a wonderful place, but I also get to learn about the foundation, the events, and the places as I write.

My crazy toddler will also get to discover so many new things through this experience. We’re going to have quite an exciting year spending time at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park. I already know he loves it there so it won’t be a problem convincing him to go to the zoo. He loves the playground, and has a lot of fun watching the animals. He especially loves the reptiles. In fact, just running around all the wonderful paths makes him happy. (He’s usually making race car noises and yelling “Chase. Chase” as he goes.)

Before I get into it, if you haven’t been, now is the time! The weather is FINALLY nice enough to walk outside without it hurting just because you breathed in the air. The animals are all out and ready for you to see. You get a lovely walk (or if you’re me, a lot of running to catch up with your toddler). It’s also not overly crowded during the winter months. Also, one more important thing to note, in the winter months, the zoo is free of cost. You can explore and have a great time for free! This is only for the winter months, but it’s a great opportunity to get out and explore.

Now as you can see from the website you are currently on, this is a blog for the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation. (Also, how great is the website they’ve got?) I will be focussing on all the great things that the Zoo Foundation does, as well as all the great events they put on.

What does the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation do? They support your zoo. They raise funds for projects at the Saskatoon Zoo. They’re goal is to make and create a space for you. It’s YOUR zoo. They want to make a place you’ll be proud to visit, and excited to explore.

The Saskatoon Zoo Foundation is working to continue building a nature sanctuary. They want to provide a wonderful home for the animals, and to provide a wonderful place for you to visit.

One of the best things about the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation is that even with all the wonderful things they’ve already done and accomplished, they’re still working to do more.

Any donation given to the foundation helps create a living museum and a sanctuary for animals. Every little bit helps to promote education, conservation, and research.

The Saskatoon Zoo Foundation raises funds through two fantastic events.

The Enchanted Forest is an experience that my family never misses. My son talked about the lights for days after we went.

They also hold a Zoogala every year, and every single bit of this event sounds amazing. The gala is held at the zoo, and people who attend can visit the animals, and explore the zoo, and eat a meal made by the best Saskatoon chefs. Tickets go quickly, which is completely understandable! The event takes place on June 14th this year. Tickets go on sale really soon! April 1st is the day to grab tickets for this one of a kind gala!

Their goal is to make a place that your family can enjoy and love. My family and I already love it, and I know it’s going to get better and better as we continue to visit. We will continue to discover all the hidden gems at the zoo. There are so many.

I will be back soon to talk about all the great opportunities and events that Saskatoon gets to enjoy with the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation. It was great to introduce myself, and I look forward to writing many more posts.

Thanks for reading.

Erin McCrea
Write at Home Mom and Saskatoon Zoo Foundation Blogger