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Zoo Entrance

Happy July,

It’s been a long time, and I’ve missed writing this blog. Where have I been? I’m guessing the same place as many of you! I’ve been having adventures in my own house. Luckily, my son and I can make memories even from the comfort of our home, but to be honest, we’ve had moments of stress, boredom and impatience as I’m sure everybody else has.

On Friday, we did something we’ve been waiting to do for so long. We went back to the zoo. I’m not quite ready for the indoor play areas, but I love the outdoors, and was so happy to hear the zoo was open. As we were driving to the zoo, all my son could talk about was how excited he was to visit. “We haven’t been there since the germs!” 

It’s safe to say we both missed our zoo. There are a few changes and restrictions because of Covid_19 (or as my son calls it, ‘the germs’), but they have big arrows and signs up to let you know what directions to go. My son and his friends had so much fun running around, and we got to see all the animals we’ve missed. Personally, I was most excited to see the bears and the dingoes. The kids also added the wolf to the list. But we love them all. We find a new favourite every time. 

And of course, the kids spent the last part of our visit playing at the playground. They love it there. We stayed all afternoon, and left feeling happy, hot, and tired. I’m already planning another visit this week. 

I’m sharing two photos. One of the two of us back at the zoo, and feeling so happy. It felt like we were home. 

The second photo is of my son in the shirt we purchased while there. As you can see, it’s adorable! They have adult sizes and kid sizes. The Saskatoon Zoo Foundation and the Saskatoon Zoo Society have teamed up to sell these amazing t-shirts. You can purchase them inside the Zoo at the Lions Pavilion. The best part is that the proceeds go towards building the bears a new home as well as online environmental education programs.


If you’re looking for a place to travel to this summer, take a trip to the zoo. Stay safe, and explore the world in your own backyard. I’m pretty sure the animals missed us and you!

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