Blog: Happy Valentines Day

Valentines day

Happy February!

I don’t have a lot to share, but wanted to write a quick post wishing everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re spending it with somebody you love – partners, family, friends or kids! My partner is out of town, but I’ll be spending the day with my son and my dog. 

If you’re looking for something unique to do on Valentine’s Day – or on the weekend, don’t forget about the Saskatoon Zoo! To me the day isn’t about the flowers or the restaurant – it’s about spending time with people you love – romantic love or not. It’s about doing something we love together. My kiddo loves the zoo, and there is nothing we love more than a walk around the zoo to see the animals. 

Plus there won’t be lines, it won’t be crowded, and it’s still free! 

The winter weather is making a comeback, but like I’ve said before, we’re from Saskatchewan. We are sick of winter, but prepared for it. We will bundle up in all our winter clothes to stay warm and spend some time outside and at the zoo.

 The Saskatoon Zoo Foundation is preparing for another fantastic Zoogala. If you’re looking for a romantic night out in June, stay tuned for more information.

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