Blog: Mother’s Day

mothers day 2021

Happy Almost Mother’s Day! 

I’ve been a mom for almost five years, and I really see how important Mother’s Day is. My own mother is amazing. She’s the person I’ve learned from and the person that has always been there for me. I celebrate my mom every day. I also see all the amazing moms that surround me, and am thinking about them today. 

There are so many ways to celebrate moms on this day. Personally, I like a little time to myself, but I also enjoy time with my son. I want to celebrate with the boy who made me a mom. I want to do something stress-free with my family.

In comes the zoo to save the day. If you’re looking for a great way to spend your day, the Saskatoon Zoo is there. It’s a place you can walk around without any worries and just enjoy the day. Take a walk, see the animals, and watch the children you’ve raised love their day as much as you do. (And then have them take you out for dinner after!) It’s your day and your zoo. Anybody that has been parenting through this pandemic deserves some time to just love your day without worrying about anything else.

The zoo is always there for a fun day, but make this one special and have an amazing time with the little ones you created!  

Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong and amazing women. 

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